Het is weer tijd voor een interview! Deze week is de Engelse Mina aan de beurt. Ik leerde haar kennen op de camping in Italië waar ik 5 maanden heb gewerkt. Samen met mij en Jorden, die ik eerder interviewde, reisden we af naar de Palio in Siena.

Op reis met Henriette? Reiziger en vriendin Mina vertelt…

Who are you and how do you know Henriette?
My name is Mina and we became good friends when we meant in working in Italy.

Op reis met Henriette? Reiziger en vriendin Mina vertelt…

What do you think about Henriette her blog?
Henriette is so sweet, caring, out going and loves looking for the next adventure. I often look at her blog, i don’t read it as much as i would like to as my Dutch reading isn’t all that fast.

What do you think about the fact she travel so much?
I think its fantastic! Its what her passion in life is and you can really see that threw all her hard work and creative writing.

How was it to travel with Henriette like this?
Myself and our friend Jorden where lucky enough to join her at the Palio of 2013.

Op reis met Henriette? Reiziger en vriendin Mina vertelt…

What did you like the most?
It was an experience i shall never forget. She knew some much about the Palio and its history. We went off the beaten track to beautiful places most would think of going.

What did you not like?
There wasn’t a thing i didn’t enjoy! From start to finish it was amazing also having Henrietta gave us such an in site into the event and the meaning behind it. I would definitely go again.

Did you irritate about something?
In no way did it get in the way. It was such an experience and she took us to so many different places, even the meal with the jockey the night before the race. After the race she got us in the heart of the crowds going to the church then back to the winning quarters.

Op reis met Henriette? Reiziger en vriendin Mina vertelt…

What do you think about she is always on social media?
By taking many pictures she captured the big and small moments from scenery to the emotions of the people at the event. Its hard to sum up the Palio you would need to go your self to find out but threw Henriette, her blog and camera lens your already over half way there!

Do you want to travel again with Henriëtte?
Anywhere the wind takes her you always guaranteed a great time!

Reiziger en vriendin Mina vertelde……en ik?

Wowww Mina, I have some blushes at my face now! Youre such a lovely English girl and I’am so happy we met in Italy! Thanks to you I had some great months I will never forget. I was happy that you and Jorden wanted to join me on experiencing the Palio. We were so Lucky that PalioTours had some tickets left and that we were able to watch the race from a balcony that normally cost hundreds of Euro’s. I will never forget your enthousiasm and it was fun hanging out. Hope to visit you soon in Kent! Miss you babe

Who is next? Volgende week lees je de verhalen van Evelyn waarmee ik op outdoor avontuur ging in Schotland.

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