Het is weer zover, tijd voor een nieuwe interview! Deze week is de Mexicaanse fotograaf Edin aan de beurt. Hij heeft zijn basis in Miami en ik ontmoette hem in een farmhouse op Gozo waar wij allebei vijf dagen verbleven. Hoe die vijf dagen waren? Daar vertelt Edin je alles over…

Op reis met Henriette? Photographer Edin vertelt…

Who are you and how do you know Henriette?
I am a commercial and travel photographer based out of Miami Beach Florida in the USA. Check out my website, www.edinchavez.com. I met Henriette on a blogger trip to Malta & Gozo last year.

Op reis met Henriette? Photographer Edin vertelt…

What do you think about Henriette her blog?
Henriette and I hit it off and we traveled all over Gozo together discussing Gozo & Malta and blogging about it. Henriette’s blog is very well put together and has some great imagery.

What do you think about the fact she travel so much?
I think its great that she travels all over the world. I am honored that I got to spend some time with her in Malta and Gozo.

How was it to travel with Henriette like this?
It was amazing, we talked about future trips together, photography and blogging. We also had some great laughs over some good drinks.

Azure Window

What did you like the most?
I loved going out and taking photos of the sunset with her.

Op reis met Henriette? Photographer Edin vertelt…

What did you not like?
I liked everything 😉

Did you irritate about something?

What do you think about she is always on social media?
I love seeing her posts.

Do you want to travel again with Henriëtte?
Yes as soon as possible.

Photographer Edin vertelde…en ik?

Thanks Edin for telling your story about travelling with me. I had such a great time and I will never forget the stay in the amazing farmhouse at Gozo. We should have spot and photograph the stars that night it was so clear. Instead of that we kept on working at our blogs. I learned a lot from you and I’ am happy you teached me more about it and learned me how to use Lightroom, it definitly worked out in better skills! The boatrip was fun too but we should have gone out of it at Comino instead of following the rules and ohhh, you remember Popeye Village, nobody understand we were happy it was closed and don’t forget the Saluting Battery to! We were so happy with our shots! Such a great time and good memories. Hope to see you soon again somewhere around the world!

Who is next? Volgende week is Interior Junkie Elisah aan de beurt! Zij verteld over de onvergetelijke persreis naar Thailand

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