Elke woensdag kan je meegenieten van de verhalen van mijn medereizigers. Deze week is voor het eerst een PR dame aan de beurt. Ze nodigde mij uit voor een persreis naar de regio Graubünden in Zwitserland. Tijdens de reis bleek al snel dat we een enorme klik hadden. Een tweede persreis volgde en inmiddels is de Zwitserse Petra een vriendin geworden. Deze keer dus een interview in het Engels…

Op reis met Henriette? Petra van Graübunden PR vertelt…

Who are you and how do you know Henriette?
Petra Fausch, I work as PR for Graubünden Ferien. I’ve met Henriette on my first presstrip in Graubünden.

What do you think about Henriette her blog?
Henriette is a very nice and charming person. Really enthusiastic, curious and sportive.
The blog shoes perfectly how she is and how open somebody should be while travelling around the world and go into hearts of people.

What do you think about the fact she travel so much?
I guess this gives her a lot of inspiration and interesting experiences.
And as she is sharing that on her blog, everybody can dream a little about upcoming journeys through the world.

When did you travel with Henriette and where to?
We travelled the first time to Flims Laax in Graubünden during a winter presstrip.
And the second time, we discovered the lower Engadin valley – also in winter.

Persreis Graubunden

How was it to travel with Henriette like this?
It was very funny as she wanted to check-out all sportive activities, including a ride in an olympic bob sledge. And honestly, I have to say, she needed a glas of champagne beforehand;). Which was very charming!

What did you like the most?
To have so much fun with her ass he is a very open-minded and nice person.

Partytime in St. Moritz

What did you not like?
Her cigarette brakes? 🙂

Did you irritate about something?
Even if she really likes good food, that she does not know how to cook:).

What do you think about she is always on social media?
That’s her job.

Do you want to travel again with Henriëtte?
Sure, any time!

Petra van PR Graübunden vertelde…en ik?

Thanks Petra for telling your memories! I loved it to explore Switserland with you during two presstrips. I could never have afford myself to visit St. Moritz like how we dit it and that made it very special. The first time I travelled with you it was also my first time for sledging in the snow, exactly one year later I was sledging down on the Olympic bob sledge run, oohhhh my, I will never forget that! It was great hanging out with you and explore the partyplaces while the rest of the group was already in a deep sleep. Can’t wait to see you again in October.

Who is next? Volgende week is mijn moeder aan de beurt. Zij vertelt over onze reis door Italië met PalioTours waar ik voor was uitgenodigd om een reportage over te schrijven.

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