Reizen met Local Guides op een reisbestemming vind ik een echte aanrader. Je leert het land veel beter kennen, ontdekt de lokale gebruiken, normen en waarden en je ziet ook nog eens meer dan je waarschijnlijk zelf had ontdekt. Zoals ik al schreef op mijn “Local Guides” pagina deel ik graag met jullie de enthousiaste en goede gidsen die ik tegenkwam op mijn reizen. Ontmoet nu Barry, een lokale gids uit Gambia. *Ik verdien hier niets aan, ik bied Barry alleen een platform aan in Nederland omdat ik hem meer tours gun. Let op, alle genoemde prijzen zoals bekend in 2018!

Welcome to The Gambia, my Gambia

Welcome to The Gambia, the smiling coast of Africa. I’am smiling every day cause I love my job. As a licensed tourist guide and taxi driver it is my job to give you a great holiday and show you all the beauty of Gambia. My name is Amadou Barry (1988) and I started my company about 5 years ago. Since then I drove 1000’s of miles, had people from all over the world in my car and met so many people.

If you like to see the highlights I drive you there, if you want to see the hiddens gems I show you the way. Do you want to get off the beaten track then we do that. You prefer a standard tour? Or tell whatever you want to do and I make a program just for you. I want you to experience all that The Gambia has to offer and if you wish we can even cross the border to Senegal. It is all up to you.

I drive you around in my Volvo Stationwagen, nice to know the car is from Groningen, Netherlands. The benefits of travelling around The Gambia with me?

  • Tailor made and private tours are my standard
  • You support the local community
  • You have the freedom during your trip
  • I’am licensed and insured, registerd by Gambia Tourist Office.
  • If you see a nice souvenir, I help you getting a good price
  • No time limits, you want to take more photo’s or stay longer somewhere? It is my pleasure when you enjoy your trip
  • I speak English and two local languages

*CHECK: All mentioned prices where the prices I paid in 2018! Ofcourse this prices could be higher now, but at least you have an idear now.

Contact Barry – Local Guides Gambia

I hope to see you soon in The Gambia, Barry Amadou. You can reach me by e-mail or telephone: 002207654555 or You can discuss your travel itenary by whatsapp (thats the most quick way) or we can set a date once you arrived in Gambia so we can meet up and discuss your travel wishes. Update 2019: Since a couple of months is Barry driving a 4WD Mazda Tribute.

Local Guides Gambia

Exploring The Gambia with Local Guides

Curious what most people want to explore in The Gambia? This is the Top 5:

  1. Citytour
  2. Safari in Fathala National Park, Senegal
  3. Boat trip to Lamin Lodge and Brikama craft market
  4. Visit Kunteh Kenteh island
  5. Georgetown

1. Citytour The Gambia

  • Banjul
  • Monkey Park (near Kololi)
  • Serrekunda
  • Crocodile Pool (Bakau)

During the citytour (half day) I show you the old capital of The Gambia, Banjul. Have a look at the old buildings, climb up the arch and visit the National Museum and the famous Albert Market. After Banjul we drive to Bakau and visit there the ‘Crocodile Pool’. The last stop on the trip will be the biggest market, Serrekunda market.

Price: € 30,- per person for 2 persons. (Including visit Monkey Park & Crocodile Pool).

Monkey Park - Gambia


The Fathala National Park is located 12 kilometer of the norther of The Gambian / Senegalse border. In the early morning we will drive you to the harbour of Banjul to cross the river Gambia by boat to Barra. After a hour you will arrive in Barra, where our driver will wait with a 4×4 car. On the way tot he border you will see small villages. Within half a hour we will reach Amdalaye/Karang–Gambian/Senegalese Borders for the passport formalities. Sometimes this can take a while. Be sure you have your passport with you and if you have the ‘yellow book’, please take it as well.

In Fathala National Park we will step into another 4×4 with a local National Park Guide. He or she will drive us around the park and show you the natural environment and ofcourse the animals that lives here. For sure you will see Zebra’s, a Rhino, Giraffes, Monkeys and hopefully also the lions. After some hours we will drive back to Barra again and cross the ferry by boat.

Price: € 80,- per person for 2 persons. (More then 2 people? Ask for a discount!)



Serrekunda is one of the biggest cities in The Gambia and has a population of more than two hunderd thousand people. The market is open everyday and as you can imagine really busy. You find here local souvenirs, a craft market, meat and fish part, electronica and second hand clothing. A visit to Serrekunda market is a experience of the real Gambia market life.

Price: € 10,- per person for 2 persons.

Serrekunda Market - Gambia


The Crocodile Pool in The Gambia is located in a town called, Bakau. It is a old town that is also growing as a tourist destination cause it is close tot he beach and it has a fishing harbour. The Crocodile Pool is a holy and spiritual place with more then 25 crocodiles.

From the old legend ladies go here who has problems with having a child. They pray here along the Crocodile Pool. If you ever wanted to see a crocodile from close by then travel around with me to Bakau.

Price: € 10,- per person for 2 persons.

Crocodile Pool - Gambia


Kunta Kinteh Island is located 25 kilometers from the coast of Barra.

This is the island where they used to keep the slaves during the slave trade. You can visit this island in a one day trip starting around 7:00 am up to 4:00 pm in the afternoon.

Price: € 50,- per person for 2 persons. (Including boattour and lunch).


  • Walk in the Makasutu Forest
  • Boattour
  • Optional a lunch

The Makasutu Cultural Forest is situated about 30 kilometers from the main hotels in Kololi area. On the way to Makasutu you also drive by Serrekunda Market. So it could be an idear to combine those two tourist attractions. The Makasutu Forest occupies an area of 1000 acre and is situated at the bank of the Kembujeh tributary. On the way back we will stop fora bout 45 minutes at Brikima, the biggest woodcraft market in Gambia. Here you have the chance to see how they carve the wood and you have time to buy your souvenir.

Price: € 50,- per person for 2 persons.

Makasutu Forest - Gambia


  • Ferry crossing Banjul – Barra
  • Wassu Stone Circles
  • Visit a local village
  • Overnight in Georgetown and dinner
  • Boattour at Kuntaur
  • Visit Baboon Island

During the 2 day / 1 overnight tour you will see the best Gambia has to offer. There will be enough time to explore the countryside of The Gambia and drive along the River Gambia. We will stop for a visit to a local village and I hope you will meet the ‘stonemen’ at the Wassu Stone Circles. At the end of the day we will arrive in Georgetown for your overnight stay.

The second day we will drive to Kuntaur where you go on board of a boat that brings you close to Baboon Island. Here you see the chimps and if youre lucky and we are on time you can see how the rangers feed them. During the boattour you have the chance to see hippo’s in the river. After the boattour we proceed back tot he southbank of the River Gambia and drive all the way back to the hotel area.

Price: € 125,- per person for 2 persons.

Local Guides Gambia

Travel around with me > The Gambia

Wij hebben twee dagtours gemaakt met Barry en één keer een tweedaagse tour. Beide tours waren speciaal voor ons, (mijn zusje en ik) samengesteld en bestond uit een bezoek van de onderstaande locaties:

Tour 1 – Citytour:

  • Bakau, Cape Point en Crocodile Pool
  • Serrekunda Market
  • Paradise Beach inclusief tijd om te relaxen en daarna bezoek vismarkt Tanji

Tour 2, dag 1 – Explore The Gambia

  • Vroeg vertrek naar Banjul voor overtocht ferry naar Barra
  • Vetrek in een open Landrover naar Fathala National Park in Senegal
  • Bezoek Fathala National Park
  • Baboon Islands, eiland waar chimpansees leven
  • Georgetown inclusief diner en overnachting

Dag 2 – Explore The Gambia

  • Bezoek Georgetown
  • Onderweg een stop in een lokaal dorp
  • Bezoek aan Brikama, grootste houtsnijmarkt van Gambia

Tour 3 – Makasutu Forest & Boattour:

  • Bezoek aan Makasutu National Park inclusief een boottocht

Voordelen reizen met Local Guides Gambia:

Zoals ik al eerder schreef hou ik ervan om te reizen met Local Guides. De voordelen?

  • Eigen gids en auto
  • Vrijheid, stoppen wanneer je wilt
  • Persoonlijke op maat gemaakte tours mogelijk
  • Goedkoper dan bij een reisorganisatie


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