Mexico is home to some of the richest culture in the world. So I would like to show you the 7 historical sights near Mexico City that you must visit. When you travel here, you’ll get a true taste of the country by spending time with locals, indulging in authentic cuisine, and exploring the city streets. If immersing yourself in Mexican culture is your main goal throughout your travels, your best bet is to book a flight to Mexico City.

Top 7 Historical Sights Near Mexico City

The city streets of the country’s capital are full of life, and it’s a perfect starting point if you’re planning on backpacking.  From Mexico City, it is fairly simple to take day trips to nearby destinations, and after exploring the city you should consider staying in one of the many Mexico beachfront rentals to take in some fresh ocean air. But before you head off to one of Mexico’s beautiful beaches, be sure to check out these top 7 historical sights near Mexico City.

1 Teotihuacan

If you’re interested in experiencing the unique architectural practices of the past, Teotihuacan should be at the top of your list of places to visit. This area is home to some of the largest pre-Columbian pyramids in the country, The small “city” is home to several attractions, including the Palace of the Plumed Butterfly and the famous Pyramid of the Sun. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about pre-Columbian times when you peruse around Museo de la Sitio. This museum is home to many artifacts of this time period.

You can either sign up for a tour or just pay the entry fee into Teotihuacan, which is less than $4 USD. If you are physically able, be sure to climb to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun for a panoramic view of the entire city. To get here from Mexico City is simple; it is about 40 miles northeast of the city and you can either rent a car or hop on a bus that will take you directly to the site.

2 Museo Nacional de Antropología

This is another attraction that features pre-Columbian history. The museum features artifacts dating from 100 B.C. to A.D. 1521, and is home to some of the most famous Aztec pieces in the world. You’ll get the chance to view the famous Aztec Calendar Stone and the 16th-century statue of Xochipilli. So take a jump to the Mexico of the past and learn about the country’s ancient culture. Entry into the museum is only about $4 USD, and it is conveniently located in the heart of Mexico City.

3 El Zócalo

Also known as Plaza de la Constitucion, El Zocalo is one of the most widely recognized historic sight in all of Mexico. It is the main public plaza in the city’s center and is home to tons of gatherings among the local people. If you explore the plaza, you’ll see that the streets surrounding it are lined with historic city buildings, including the National Palace and many government establishments.

If you sign up for a sightseeing tour throughout Mexico City, El Zocalo will certainly be a main stop during your tour. The best time to visit this attraction is right before sunset; there is a huge national flag in the center of the plaza, and at sunset soldiers march through the streets to take down the flag for the evening. This is a great photo or video opportunity to take back home to your friends and family.

4 Palacio Nacional

Palacio Nacional actually sits within El Zocalo, and it is one of the most ornate buildings in all of Mexico City. It is home to several gardens, murals, and fountains and entry into the palace is free for everyone. Get a taste of Mexico’s past when you view Diego Rivera’s murals depicting the country’s history dating all the way back to pre-Columbian time.

5 Museo Frida Kahlo

This museum featuring the artwork of Frida Kahlo is also known as La Casa Azul – the Blue House – and it was actually Kahlo’s former residence. Not only will you get the chance to view the artist’s most renowned work, but you’ll also see where she lived and created her masterpieces. This attraction is located in the southernmost part of the city and entry into the house is about $7 USD.

6 Palacio de Bellas Artes

Translated into Palace of Fine Arts, Palacio de Bellas Artes is a must-see Mexico City attraction, and is considered by many to be the cultural center of the entire city. The enormous glass windows and marble floors are nothing compared to the impressive art pieces lining the walls. It’s a great place to come and see Mexican art of the past and present.

You might even be lucky enough to visit Palacio de Bellas Artes during one of the many hosted cultural events here, including literary readings, music and dance performances, and theatre productions. Admission is under $4 USD, and the palace is open everyday of the week except Mondays.

7 Templo Mayor

During the time of the Aztecs, the Templo Mayor served as a religious meeting center. It is dedicated as one of Mexico City’s most influential archeological sites. It has a nearby museum that holds over 7,000 Aztec artifacts that were found on the temple’s grounds. This attraction is unique in the sense that these ancient ruins are found in the heart of the city, surrounded by more modern architecture. Admission into the ruins and museum is under $4 USD, and like many other places in the city is closed on Mondays. This UNESCO World Heritage site draws people from all around the globe and is well your time while in Mexico City.

Historical Sights Near Mexico City

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