Are you interested in a collaboration with Do you want to work with somebody who is enthusiastic and tells everyone what she has experienced? In 2013 I started sharing my travel experiences, photos and videos with other travel enthusiasts. “Travel around with me” was born and now it has grown into a personal travel magazine full of adventurous experiences, funny things you must have done once and travel tips you must know of.

I now share the best wellness experiences in the world in the Dutch digital Wellness Lifestyle Magazine Wellness Spots, which I also publish as a publisher. Best of all, it has also become my full-time job to create content as a publisher! as media partner

Travel around with me, your adventure starts here! I put travel destinations, brands and everything that has to do with tourism, (as long as it fits my personal travel magazine) from anywhere in the world in the spotlight and bring it to the attention of my readers. Handy travel gadgets I review and I look for practical travel tips so that my readers can travel to your destination without worries. I believe in the power of collaboration. So if you tell me what youre goal is, I think about a way how I can help you with my knowledge and experience in online content creation.

I immerse myself in a local festival, I search for hilarious activities and exciting adventures, I cross nature reserves on a horse, stroll through a city in search of cool hotspots for a drink and love unique sights. I like to view a destination from the air but also like to dive underwater. Does this appeal to you and does it suit your company, brand and / or product? Please contact me via or give me a call via +31 – 6 1638 5038I publish articles about global destination in the categories below:

The stages of our travel experiences content creation

  1. Dream;
  2. Plan;
  3. Book;
  4. Experience;
  5. Share.

Wil jij op de hoogte blijven van al mijn reistips? Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief en Travel around with me via FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, Twitter en op YouTube.

Spa & Wellness     Paardrijden op reis     Schotland Abseilen

Canada          Wintersport

Who is Henriëtte Bokslag? 

I am a world traveler who loves adventure and relaxation. I graduated from Tourism and Leisure Management. After my study I have further developed my knowledge of the travel market by working with travel agencies, tour operators and accommodation providers at home and abroad.

I see adventure everywhere, from adventurous and hilarious activities, beautiful horse riding routes, local festivals, unique sights, I love to drive the best cars and things that looks like cars and think back about all my experiences at amazing (rooftop)bars. Then it’s time to relax at the finest Wellness Spots. I convert my travel experiences into travel tips to inspire people to discover the world.

In order to keep informed of all developments in the industry I work in, I read a lot of substantive information and regularly attend meetings and network events at home and abroad. As a freelancer I have good contacts with various online and offline media. Do you want to know exactly where I have been and what I have knowledge of? Then check my “Reis C.V.” and my portfolio page. For more information about who I am, I would like to refer you to my ‘about me‘ page. Keep in mind that I’am Dutch and alswo write in Dutch. My main audience, 80% is Dutch, 10% is from Belgium and 10% are perhaps Dutchies from abroad or from other nationalities.

*Nominated for Blogprijs PROEF SPANJE 2018.

Waarom heb ik een reisblog?

Benefits of a collaboration 

You now know who I am and what can mean as a partner. But what are the advantages if you work with me? Are you curious how other companies have experienced the collaboration? Then check my reference page and / or the recommendations at Linkedin.

  1. There are several articles on page 1 of Google;
  2. Dutch (NL) readers 80%, BE 10%, other countries 10%;
  3. I use various social media channels to inform and inspire other people;
  4. Strong Dutch domain name (DA 39), SEO friendly and high trust flow;
  5. Personal, honest writing style and use of own made high quality photo’s and video;
  6. 85% of the visitors find the way to via ‘organic search‘;
  7. is online for 9 years and will always be, this is my fulltime work;
  8. Been there done that and I will updating the articles when there is new information available;
  9. Studied Tourism & Leisure Management, worked in tourism and I have worldwide travel experience;
  10. Possibility of multiple content strategy with my digital Wellness Lifestyle Magazine, Wellness Spots;
  11. Do you want to receive my statistics? No problem, just send an e-mail to or call me +31 6 16385038;
  12. If we work together it means that I announce it in advance, tell about it during the trip and share my experiences after the trip;
  13. Am I enthusiastic? Then everyone will hear it and who knows, more will come out. Will I be approached a year later by a newspaper or magazine about my travel tips? There could be a chance that I will mention you. I advise you to have a look at my ‘In the media‘ page as well.

Tips voor een zorgeloze vakantie


At “Travel around with me” there are various options for (long-term) destination and brand marketing campaigns. The strength of my personal digital travel magazine in combination with my personal writing style provides an ideal mix for a good collaboration. I travel to destinations where (fun) activities and adventure can be experienced and where I can enjoy a wellness moment. Reviewing travel related products and setting up promotions I do with parties that I support and that I believe in. Would you like to receive more information about my target group and my media kit? Send an e-mail to: or call me at +31 6 16385038.

  1. Reviews of travel related products;
  2. Press trips are possible in a group, I do prefer individual travel to get the most out of it;
  3. I make travel video’s as well, send an e-mail to discuss the possibilities about thix extra I can offer you.
  4. I believe in collaborations, tell me your goal and we work out a win-win article via content creation, advertorials and / or campaigns.

Content creation, branded content & advertorials

You have an objective, a theme that you want to highlight, a news item that you want to bring to the attention and / or a campaign for which you are looking for cooperation partners. You name it and I think how I can create content for that, or we can think together about a great idea. Have you written an advertorial yourself? I check if it suits me and my target group and rewrite it so that it becomes a personal travel tip. I would like to send you a few examples by e-mail of successful collaborations. You can also have a look at the examples below.

Content creation is my work and I think about it all day and I see a story in everything. I write about my travel adventures, how I plan a trip, my travel tips for a carefree journey because I have a wide range of good and less good travel experiences. For example; I also mention where people should look out for when they travel. There are more than 1000 travel articles on my website. Who knows, there might be something that fits your target group, vision or mission.

Reizen met de auto naar Slovenië

Content creation in combination with affiliation marketing

I like to give all travel enthusiasts the very best (practical) travel tips. The readers can stay informed of all travel trends, travel developments, travel destinations and travel tips for free. This is of course only possible for the reader for free if something is earned on the other side.

One of our revenue models is the creation of content in combination with affiliate marketing. For this we work together with more than 100 partners through various Dutch and international marketing channels. Partnering based on affiliate marketing works very well for us because 87% of our readers come to our website through Google Organic Search.

This means that readers really search for something, find the answer with us and proceed to purchase, order or request more information. Because our readers click on a link, the other party knows that we have forwarded the reader and we receive a commission for this. We would be happy to send you a few examples by e-mail of successful affiliate collaborations. Below you can view a few example articles that are purely focused on content for affiliate marketing:

Wintersport vakantie in Slovenië skigebieden

(Individual) Press trips

You organize a press trip for a group of journalists and / or content creators / or bloggers because you want to put the travel destination in the spotlight. Or you ask me to travel on an individual basis so that I can discover exactly those things that suit me and that you want to show.

My preference is traveling with someone because that person can support me with the photography and the video. Besides that I believe ‘travelling with somebody is a great way to create stories‘. In consultation I create text, photo and video content. Curious what to expect after I went on a press trip?

Jaaroverzicht 2021

Reviews of travel related products

I regularly write about products that I use while traveling, from handy travel bags to actioncams and travel lifestyle products. If you have experience with something and you are happy with it, I like to share my experiences. Do you have a new suitcase in the assortiment, a new camera model, a lightweight trolley or handy gadgets for traveling? You ask me to test and review the product.

If necessary, we can extend the review collaboration with a giveaway. I only write about products that I support and that I actually use when traveling. I therefore only review products that I receive for testing. The products are photographed at one of the destinations where I travel to. Examples of reviews can be found on my website review page with a selection below.

De waarde van jouw reisbagage


You have a great (new) product and you think it will fit my target group. You want to generate attention online and put together a giveaway with me. Your product is brought to the attention and I can surprise my readers with a gift. A win-win situation. Examples of previous promotions on my travel blog can be seen here:

*Giveaway: Discover all these Irish wellness- and lifestyle products.
*Giveaway: Every year in collaboration with the Dutch Holiday Fair – Tickets voor de Vakantiebeurs.

Ierse souvenirs en producten uit Ierland

Travel video reports

Pictures say more than 1000 words! That is why we like to make inspiring wellness videos for our customers. For example, we visited Thermen Binnenmaas outside opening hours for a Winter Wellness video report in the snow.

*Discover my Travel around with me YouTube channel.
*The travel video about icediving in Tignes in France has the most views.


Drone photography and video reports

You can show so much with images from the air. Our readers can see more of the area at a glance! In addition, with drone photography and video you can map a location very differently, which is perhaps even more appealing. We also make drone photography and video reports on request. Email me for the possibilities. In the travel article below you can see more drone images from.

*A wellness holiday at Gran Canaria with drone footage. 

Auto huren Spanje zonder creditcard 

Creating travel content for your website

Do you want inspiring texts and images on your website? I can also create on request content for brands, services and tourism organizations.

*Discover all these wellness tips for a wellness holiday at Aruba.
*We share the best Wellness Spots in The Hague for The Hague Marketing.

Duurzaam hotel Aruba

Text and image creation for magazines

Basically, I’m specialized in digital text and image productions, or content creation. In addition, I occasionally been asked for a travel article in a magazine.

*A western wellness travel article in Wellness Magazine.
Winter Wellness article for the Dutch Innsbruck Magazine

Sneeuwzeker skigebied Kühtai

Location scout for beautiful travel locations

As far as I’m concerned, you tell the most beautiful and best travel stories with the right images in the best location that fits. With Travelaroundwithme I travel all over the world and I have now discovered hundreds of beautiful locations that you can see if you follow Travelaroundwithme. I do hours of research for the travel reports and that means that you could also call me a location scout.

*Have you seen an amazing place? Contact me about it.
*More info: Wellness Spots as locationscout for beautiful wellness locations.

Autoroute en rondrijden op Gran Canaria 

Photo product shoots on location, product photography

I travel all over the world and travel to the most beautiful places in the world where I can do product shoots. Do you want to have new hiking shoes photographed on a beautiful mountain road? Put a waterproof jacket in the spotlight at a waterfall or want to have slippers photographed at a swimming pool in a tropical destination? Ask me about the possibilities and I can take the products with me on a trip for a photo product report.

*More info: part of the Fjällraven collection photographed at the Faroe Islands. 

Fjällraven rugzakken, de Ulvö 23 review

Webcare, we continue to keep our readers up to date

There are now more than 1000 travel articles published at Travelaroundwithme. I do my best to keep the information as relevant as possible. Because I really focus on SEO, I generally don’t post prices and opening hours on the website. Purely due to the fact that this is subject to change.

I work on a daily base at as this is my fulltime work. Which means that I also regularly update, go through and refresh the content that is published. As a partner of me, you can be assured that after a collaboration I always ensure that readers receive the correct information.

I regularly receive questions from readers by e-mail and sometimes I also receive a phone call. It turns out that in a number of cases Travelaroundwithme is sometimes more accessible or better be found via Google than the provider itself. Take advantage of this and discover which target group can appeal to you.

Henriette Bokslag -

Travel around with me in the media

Over the years I have been regularly asked by both digital and offline media to share my travel tips and travel knowledge. I have worked with various newspapers, magazines and news channels. I was featured in the AD, Het Parool, De Posthoorn, VRIJ Magazine, VROUW (Telegraaf), Talkies Magazine, Wellness Magazine, Innsbruck Magazine, Vriendin, Viva, Grazia and Cosmopolitan. I was once able to give travel tips at BNR Nieuwsradio and at The Hague FM I gave weekly tips for a while and I was interviewed about the Palio di Siena.

I once collaborated with a reporter from The Hague FM on a report when the Ferris wheel on De Pier in Scheveningen had just been built. As a result, FUNX Den Haag also found me and I was live in the radio broadcast. Hart van Nederland interviewd me about camping at the Euromast in Rotterdam and Omroep West came for an interview about the Unox Home Dive 2022. I also wrote articles for various other travel related media, including Wellness Magazine, Expedia and Ski Info.

*Have a look at all the “In de media” publications.

Den Haag FM

Henriëtte Bokslag van Travel around with me as guest speaker

The nice thing is that sharing my travel knowledge is getting noticed more and more and that I have already been asked to speak twice on a conference and travel event. I once gave travel tips on the Reis! Event in Groningen and at Hogeschool InHolland in Rotterdam I was one of the guest speakers during a conference about; “Terrorism in Tourism“. An article was published in NRIT Media on the occasion of this conference.

Reis!Event - Groningen - Vakantiebeurs

Photography for brochures

In 2013 I took pictures of the interior of the Woody lodge tent at Camping Park Albatros in Italy. These photos can be found in the 2014 brochure and on the website of Roan Camping holidays. You can take a look at the published photos in my blog; “Photography in the brochure of Roan Camping Holidays“.

In 2014 I traveled in two weeks from Lake Maggiore to Lake Garda to photograph all 18 campsites where Roan Camping Holidays and Go4Camp are located. In total, photos of my hand have appeared on 8 pages in the 2015 brochure. You can view my published photos in my blog; “Photography brochure 2015 – Roan Camping Holidays“.

Vroeg boeken Roan camping 2019

Travel around with me > nominated for

In 2018, my ‘La Tomatina’ travel article was selected for the ‘Blog Prize TASTE SPAIN 2018’ of the Spanish Tourism Board. The Press Award was awarded for the 9th time and the Blog Award for the 8th time. In 2018  the theme was; ‘Experience Spain’ and that’s why my article got selected; ‘Travel preparation for La Tomatina in Bunol‘.

*Nominated for Blog Prize ‘Taste Spain’ 2018.

Tomaten smijten in Spanje

Travelaroundwithme business branding via Giphy’s

Business and personal branding is very important to me! I do my very best to connect the way as who I’am as person and the way I write on with the style I want to propagate. Over the years and the fact that I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years now it becomes more and more obvious. The use of color, the layout of the website and the newsletter, the way I want to show and who I’am as a person.

The personal and business branding of me and of the website to the world is very important for me. It must be recognizable, contain the same colors, fit within my lifestyle and show who I’am and what I want to convey. Recently I had business and personal Giphy photo shoot on location.

For I was looking for really personal Giphy’s. I’m Henriëtte from Travel around with me and it’s just Travel around with me (Henriëtte) and who I take or meet on a trip. For my personal Giphy’s it could therefore only be myself or me with someone. That is a completely different perspective than with my other digital magazine Wellness Spots.

*Follow Travelaroundwithme op Instagram.
**Discover all Travelaroundwithme Giphy’s here and use them.
***Do you also want to maken your own GIF for branding? This is how we did that!

Zakelijke branding van Travelaroundwithme

Content strategy with Wellness Spots

On Travel around with me I also shared great Spa & Wellness Tips from 2013! In 2016 I decided to set up Wellness Spots, which in 5 years has grown into the digital Wellness Lifestyle Magazine of The Netherlands. It is now also possible to set up a content strategy with the 2 digital media that I publish. There are so many interesting combinations that you can make which you can reach even more people. What do you think about:

  1. Enjoy Horseriding & Wellness holidays
  2. Explore the world of Adventure & Wellness.
  3. The best of both worlds, enjoy Wine & Wellness.
  4. Travel around with me and drive a cool car during a wellness roadtrip thru Europe.


Discuss other options for collaborations 

There are, of course, many more options besides all mentioned possibilities to work together. I would like to send you more information about the oppurtunities of a collaboration with me and

We can e-mail about a possible collaboration, you can give me a call to discuss the things you need and what I can offer or if you are in the neighborhood we can have a coffee or a beer or wine to get to know eachother. If you have a cool idea yourself, I would like to hear that. Feel free to contact me and send an e-mail to or call me at +31 – 6 1638 5038.

Rodelen in Kühtai

Succesfull collaborations with

In the past 9 years I have had the chance to work with many organizations. This varies from assignments via PR agencies to direct collaborations with traffic agencies, hotels, tour operators, excursions agencies, airlines and shipping companies. I also work together with publishers and providers of various travel-related products.


Succesfull blogger campaigns

As a travel blogger I have been part of successful blogger campaigns for:

DFDS   Malta

All my articles are written by me as a result of private trips or on behalf of, unless stated otherwise. I only enter into collaborations that suit me and my blog. The articles contain my personal opinion and no articles appear that I do not own or about products that I do not use. This applies to both unpaid and paid (sponsored) articles, as well as reviews and promotions. Links to other websites are at all times to give my readers the best possible information. All published reports contain their own visual material unless it can not be done otherwise. The entire website, my content, photos and videos are copyrighted, 2014-2018. All rights reserved. If other visual material is used then the sources are mentioned. Do you want to use, publish or publish my content? Request permission in advance, see my contact page and always refer back to
All banners and affiliate marketing links provide additional income for me so that I can continue to inform you with the best travel information. By clicking on a link you will be redirected to the relevant travel provider where you can book the trip. During this linking you will end up on a link and so-called ‘cookies’ will remain on your computer. As a result, the relevant travel provider knows that you have booked a trip through Advantage for me, that you support me and I can continue to write about traveling to inform you. The advantage for you is that the more people book through me, the more discounts I can give in the long term. And it does not cost you any extra.
I take care of the content of this website with the most care. You can not derive any rights from the information that I publish and I am in no way liable for any damage that might occur due to incorrect information on my website or a misinterpretation of this. I advise you to rely mainly on your own common sense and always check information regarding opening times, entrance fees etc. on the website of the relevant provider. is a publication of  Bureau Bokslag, KvK: 63450631.
Privacy- en cookie disclosure
If you leave a comment I ask you to enter your name, e-mail address and possibly web address. This information will only be used to respond and possibly send you a message if you take part in a contest. Travelaroundwithme uses cookies and Google Analytics to constantly optimize the website.
AVG Privacylaw
The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) will apply as of 25 May 2018. From then on, the same privacy legislation applies throughout the European Union (EU). The AVG complies with the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wbp) and is also known under the English name: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The most important aspect here is the responsible processing of personal data. My website is hosted at Antagonist. I have entered into a processor agreement with Antagonist for the processing of personal data that is left via For example, filling in the contact form. The agreement is included as an attachment in the Terms and Conditions of Antagonist that you can view here.
*In dit artikel staan zogenoemde affiliatie links vermeld. Klik jij op een van de linken dan weet de aanbieder dat je ze gevonden hebt via Als dank voor het doorsturen ontvangen wij een commissie. Jij betaald niets extra’s voor je vakantie of product en op deze manier kunnen wij jou van gratis informatie over alle reis mogelijkheden blijven voorzien. Voor meer informatie verwijzen wij naar onze privacy pagina en disclaimer informatie.
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